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The Silent Witness by a General: First Decade of Independence

The Silent Witness by a General is reminiscence. Besides, this is a historic narration documenting political ups and downs in the first couple of decades of Bangladesh. The author. Major General Moinul Hussain Choudhury (rtd) has focused on the post-liberation dramatic events, especially socio-economic and political perspectives and turmoil. According to the author—\"I wish to put into writing many dramatic events of post-liberation days... to strip away the false veneer of lies and expose the facts in their stark nakedness. I wish to relate facts that none has perhaps related before with such directness. There are many who tend to colour the past and mm falsehood into truth in their interest, while truth is consigned to the trash can of memory.\" Without any doubt, the readers will be newly informed by the impartial and objective description of these historical events witnessed by the author.

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Moinul Hussain Choudhury / -

Major General Moinul Hussain Choudhury (b. 1943) (rtd.) was bom in Sylhet. Graduated from the Military Academy in 1964 and posted to an infantry battalion, he participated in the 1965 war between India and Pakistan. In March 1971, he joined Bangladesh\'s War of Independence and commanded a battalion named \"The Bengal Regiment\" and received the Gallantry award \"Bir Bikram\" for his conspicuous courage and heroic contribution to our war of independence. In a vivid and colourful career, he held appointments of brigade commander, military secretary to the president, ambassador to Philippines and Indonesia, High Commissioner to Thailand, Laos, Australia, New Zealand etc. He was a permanent representative to ESCAPE during 1989-93. He died in 2011. Zakeria Shirazi (b. 1941) graduated with Honours in History from Dacca University in 1964. He has written in both Bangia and English. He has contributed translation, essays and criticism to Bangia and English journals and little magazines. Currently he is working as advisory editor in daily Sun.