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The Python

Nothing is beyond politics-overtly or covertly. Family is the microcosm of a political entity where the powerful/powerless, or the ruler/ruled relationships are discreetly downplayed. Inconspicuous though, it, however, is widely prevalent in families, giving rise not only to love and hate but also hit and win relationships. If observed closely, it can be figured out. The Python, a novella, unveils this subtle politics in human relationship through the \'hate and hit\' game of Shojib. the powerless and Bhabi. the powerful. Finally, Shojib, the resistance force, gives in to the design of Bhabi, the commanding authority, and as a consequence, Rehana falls an innocent victim to the power struggle.

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Haroonuzzaman / হারুনুজ্জামান

Haroonuzzaman, a translator, novelist, poet and essayist, was born in Dhaka on January 13, 1951. He has been into teaching at home and abroad (Libya, Qatar) for about 27 years. For the past 12 years, he has been teaching English at Independent University, Bangladesh (IUB). Besides, he had been a feature writer of Depthnews, Manila and into English language journalism at The Independent and UNB and into broadcast journalism in Radio Pakistan, Dacca and Bangladesh Betar, Dhaka for about six years. He was the only Asian who worked as an English news broadcaster under Qatar Broadcasting Service in 1992. His notable publications include: Lalon , Radharomon Hason Raja, The Treasure-trove of Children Stories (translations), The Distant Shore, Inseparable and Juddoh (novellas). হারুনুজ্জামান, জন্ম ১৩ই জানুয়ারি, ১৯৫১ সালে ঢাকায়। পেশা শিক্ষকতা। বর্তমান কর্মস্থল-ইংরেজি বিভাগ, ইনডিপেনডেন্ট ইউনিভার্সিটি বাংলাদেশ। পূর্বাপর কর্মকাণ্ড- শিক্ষকতা (লিবিয়া, কাতার); সাংবাদিকতা (দি ইনডিপেনডেন্ট, ইউএনবি); ব্রডকাষ্টার (রেডিও পাকিস্তান, বাংলাদেশ বেতার, কাতার ব্রডকাস্টিং সার্ভিস)। তাঁর প্রকাশিত গ্রন্থসমূহ-Inseprable (fiction); The Distant Shore (Novella); Lalon/লালন (Translation); A Treasur-trove of Choldren Stories (Translation).