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The Glass Bangles

The Glass Bangles is Nashid KamaPs first novel in English. The novel is about the plight of a young woman hailing from a remote village of Sylhet, Bangladesh and her pursuit of life in London, UK. It spans over a period of time when Bangladesh was going through political turmoil and also touches upon the political divides of the diaspora from the Indian subcontinent.

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Nashid Kamal / নাশিদ কামাল

Nashid Kamal was born in London, UK and educated at the University of Dhaka, Carleton University, Canada and London University, where she took a PhD in `Medical Demography?. She was a visiting scholar in the Universities of Penn State (USA), Southern Illinois (USA) and University College London, (UK). Since 1986 Nashid Kamal has been teaching Demography and Statistics in the University of Dhaka and currently a Professor at BRAC Business School. Nashid Kamal is the eldest granddaughter of the legendary artist Abbasuddin Ahmed and daughter of the former Chief Justice Mustafa Kamal and Professor Husne Ara Kamal (late). Nashid is a Nazrul exponent (vocalist), debator, writer, presenter and an avid Nazrul lover. She has been a `child prodigy? and a television celebrity since the age of six. She has fifteen audio compact discs to her credit the majority being of Nazrul songs. She has been the cultural ambassador of Bangladesh, travelling places with her repertoire of Nazrul songs. She has published three books in the vernacular and four others in English. Two of them are translations of Nazrul?s popular songs and poems titled The Return of Laili and Chokrobak respectively. Her third book is an English novel titled The Glass Bangles, followed by the English translation of Poet Kazi Nazrul Islam?s Biography. This is her fifth publication. She lives in Dhaka with her two daughters Armeen and Aashna.