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Menace Beneath the Mines

Menace Beneath the Mines by Audry Munir Hasan is a well told youthful adventure story. Set in the depths of Texas oil mines, the story weaves together the exploits of three school boys taking on formidable opponents, including dragons, dinosaurs, Darth Vader and a desperate criminal who wants to blow up the world. It is to Hasan’s credit that he puts together generous doses of fantasy, comic book adventure, video game action sequences, science fiction and the American Wild West bravado, and still comes out with a readable story. Syed Manzoorul Islam, Dhaka University

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Audry Munir Hasan / অদ্রি মুনির হাসা

Audry Munir Hasan was born in Rajshahi University Campus, Bangladesh. He is now a student of grade ten at Central High School, Muncie, Indiana, USA. Audry was awarded ‘President’s Education Award’ by President Barack Obama twice, first in 2009 and again in 2012 for his ‘Outstanding Academic Excellence’. His favorite subjects are Mathematics, Biology, Geography, and History. He likes writing stories. His first book The Secrets of Pirate Island was published by Adorn Publication in 2010. He likes playing games like chess and football. He is also an avid fan of travelling. He is currently a member of Central High School band and football team. Audry loves reading books that inspire him with great ideas. He hopes that this book would inspire all young boys and girls to enjoy adventurous life.