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The OverTakers

Nothing is certain in Wasi Ahmed\'s world where extraordinary people and events hide behind simple exteriors. The stories are like crafted traps which take the reader into a world that everyday life hides. A milkman beaten up by angry crowd for adding water to his milk can\'t be dumped into any manhole as his body suddenly gets bigger and heavier on his tormentors’ shoulders … a crippled and deviant war veteran stretches out his hand to visitors in the manner of begging … howling dogs who made sleep impossible are missed even more when they are killed and silence reigns … a young man raises midget bonsais as a mirror of his failed ambitions but they keep growing, shooting higher and higher… Written in nonchalant prose mixed with a dark laconic humor, these stories are both bold and exquisite in dealing with social and personal realities.

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Wasi Ahmed & Other / ওয়াসি আহমেদ ও অন‌্যান‌্য

Wasi Ahmed is a Bangladeshi fiction writer. Till date, he has published nine collections of short stories and six novels, winning several literary awards. He lives in Dhaka with his wife Naseha Chawdhury. - Afsan Chowdhury : Media person, fiction writer, translator and researcher based in Dhaka, Bangladesh - Rani Ray : Editor, translator, formerly Professor of English, based in New Delhi, India - Debjani Sengupta : Essayist, translator of contemporary fiction, teaches English literature at Indraprastha College for Women, University of Delhi Hugh Ferrer : Fiction writer and Senior Editor, Iowa Review, USA