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Dhaka Anthology of World Poetry 2018

So many excellent anthologies of poetry were published in the second half of the 20th century, and continue to be published into this century. With all of these excellent collections available to readers, one might ask, and with reason: Is one more poetry anthology necessary? The answer to that question is yes. There is always space on the bookshelf for a carefully constituted anthology that seeks to explore something that is more than a simple theme or idea, but one concept of beauty that transgresses the poetry of various cultures. Dhaka Anthology of World Poetry 2018 is the first ever initiative from Bangladesh where 61 important contemporary poets’ work from 39 countries and five continents have been pulled together to give a spectrum of creativity to the readers. This publication is associated with Dhaka International Poet Summit that takes place every year since 2015, organized by Kathak, a poetry initiative in Bangladesh. The poems which it contains find the perfect pitch, the correct cadence, in short, the right words, to create a spark of recognition, identification, and finally, the growing fire that is connection. Part of what makes this collection of poems special is that the reader will not be tied to or bogged down by one particular element or theme but rather will be allowed to explore different beauty in completely different poems, all of which are connected together only by a particularly complex or powerful use of language, particularly in the way the poets have selected certain words and use syntax. Bangladesh is a country of rich cultural and literary heritage where the mother tongue is a pride to the people. Over the evolution of eras, the country has had poets who have framed huge number of masterpiece works, which are evergreen treasures for poem lovers. One cannot do without mentioning Rabindranath Tagore while talking about the history of poetry of Bangladesh. Rabindranath Tagore, the man, the only man till date to receive Nobel Prize for Literature from the entire Asian region. He lived a big fraction of his life in Bangladesh heralding a new era for our literature. This, then, is the theme of For the Love of Words. The world may already be full of anthologies, but in this volume, you are sure to find poems by poets who know what words are capable of doing - the poems collected here are all gathered simply because of a peculiar and outstanding resonance of language and if you are someone who loves words and what they can do, then these poems will resonate within you, and you will find yourself at the bookshelf time and again, returning to these poems.

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Edited by Aminur Rahman & Bilkis Mansoor / সম্পাদনা : আমিনর রহমান ও বিলকিস মনসুর