With the slogan, “Adorn Books Adorn Life”, Adorn Publication has published around 600 books so far. The publishing house aims to combine education with enjoyment. Adorn also wants to generate global interest in Bangla literature through translations. Adorn is one of the leading publishing houses in Bangladesh. It publishes educational, academic and scholarly books -- both in English and Bangla. The publishing house was set up in 1996, and has its main office in Dhaka, with a branch office in Chittagong. Adorn has been instrumental in encouraging reading habit in the country. “We have published (in English and Bangla) essays, poetry, novels and research works on political history, economics, environment, agriculture, gender issues, the Liberation War etc. I have always tried to use my skills in publishing to popularise books on our culture, traditions and history.” Adorn Publication has brought out several works by veteran writers and academics -- Abu Rushd; Dr. Anisuzzaman; Professor Kabir Chowdhury; Anisur Rahman; Mahfuzur Rahman; Hasnat Abdul Hai; Justice Golam Rabbani; Rashed Khan Menon; Anu Muhammad; Shamsur Rahman; Syed Shamsul Haq; Dr. Abdul Matin; Biprodas Barua; Abul Kasem Fazlul Haq; Dewan Shamsul Arefin and Urmi Rahman, among others. “We have a series of publications on the Language Movement (in Bangla and English). Noted poet Abdul Mannan Syed edited the series. Recently we published two sets (about 24 books) of literary works, titled “Shahityo Kriti Granthomala” highlighting fiction by iconic writers Mir.